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We ensure that you benefit when choosing to stay at Sooriya Resort and Spa! Here is a selection of special and promotions and complementary offers only available when you book on this site. Make sure you don't lose out on these!

Intensive Ayurveda Package
7-day programme designed to relax and re-vitalize the body. A mixture of Herbal Sauna, Massages, Yoga and more.

US$830 per person
Duration: 7 days
Wellness Ayurveda Package
5-days of Massages, Yoga, and Meditation to deal with stress or burn-out symptoms

US$640 per person
Duration: 5 days
Beauty Care Ayurveda Package
3-day package designed to make you feel visibly more radiant, skin smoother, your body firmer.

US$370 per person
Duration: 3 days