Sooriya Resort & Spa
Sooriya Resort & Spa

Nature, Spa & All Things Good

Sooriya Resort & Spa is located near the Rekawa Sanctuary, a world-renowned protected area. Not far from the charming rustic village of Rekawa, this secluded resort resides upon a 2 km coastal belt, which is just 4 hours away from Colombo on the Southern Expressway, & 15 minutes away from the city of Tangalle.

Set within a terrain supporting nature & benefiting from the opportunity to easily explore such wonders as: the famous Turtle Beach, mangroves, a natural lagoon & marshy habitats whilst being next to the ocean with unspoiled golden beaches & coral reefs. These discoveries & more can be found with the help of the friendly staff who will guide you through all there is to offer at the Sooriya Resort & Spa.

Watching golden sunsets & shooting stars, enjoying fine cuisine & guilt-free leisure, exercise or spa treatments are just some of the memories our guests can take away from their vacation in Sri Lanka. Not just an amazing experience … it will be ‘life, as it should be’ when you are on holiday.

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Sooriya Resort & Spa
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Nature... Untouched

Monkeys frolic in our beautiful gardens early in the mornings and return together with the colourful Kingfishers, as soon after the gardens are watered.

While eagles soar above Sooriya Resort and Spa, not too far, by the lagoon, large congregations of starlings, Malabar pied hornbills, godwits and terns, gather; and the ‘Baya Weaver’ male birds build demanding architectural masterpieces at their nesting colonies.

The protected ‘Rekawa Sanctuary’ nestled between the hotel and the sea, reveals its hidden treasures to our, nature loving guests. Iguanas and hermit crabs roam by the coast; the occasional sea turtle swims by the rocks, peacocks walk the beach, and jackals, wild boars, shy mouse deer, langurs, mongoose and porcupines run among the scrubland. And if you are lucky, you may see a whale in the ocean.

Special Offers

Benefits You Cannot Refuse

Hotel offers in Sri Lanka at their best! In-house and partner offers you simply cannot refuse! Sooriya Resort and Spa brings you exceptional deals worth grabbing.

While offering chances to enjoy facilities at the hotel at a discounted rate, we have also teamed up with local expedition partners, tours, guides and individuals to offer you exciting opportunities in exploring nearby attractions. Be it along the beach, on the water, amidst lush greenery or being with the community, there is something for you among our collection of special offers.

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