SOORIYA RESORT & SPA - Nature, Spa & All Things Good

View of Sooriya from far

The resort is surrounded by ‘Sooriya’ trees and we wanted to convey its importance in regional culture and history. In Buddhism and Hinduism, ‘Sooriya’ is the ‘sun’ or the ‘Sun God’. Hence, we created this resort in 2017 for like-minded sun-lovers. Thus was the beginning of ‘Sooriya Resort & Spa’. 

Built with conservation and sustainability in mind, we harness the ‘Sooriya’ energy for all our hot water, harvest the rainwater for various needs in the resort, while our effluent treatment plant helps our vegetable garden with nutrients and recycled water. We sustain the local rural economy by directly purchasing raw materials such as line-caught fish, fruits and vegetables through the villages, providing a fair value for their produce.

In the evening, our lighting is designed to reduce light pollution so that we can clearly gaze into the beautiful night sky, to direct the focus away from the sea to help protect the turtles and provide security to birds and nocturnal animals living all around our gardens.

For harmony and wellbeing, our spa provides a unique blend of Ayurvedic and Balinese therapies and we arrange Yoga and Meditation for guests who want to be entirely relaxed with a feeling of being at home away from home.

Your time with us is not just an amazing experience… It is, "Life, as it should be".

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Sooriya seen from the protected mangroves below the hotel

SURROUNDING AREA - Nature... Untouched

At sunrise, Grey Langur Monkeys frolic in our gardens. Later, they return with the colourful Kingfishers, for refreshments soon after the gardens are watered. Monitor Lizards wander lazily seeking shade from the sun. Sea Eagles soar above Sooriya Resort and Spa, waiting to snatch its prey in the morning. 

Rekawa Sanctuary’, a conservation area nestled between ‘Sooriya Resort’  and the sea, displays its hidden treasures to our, nature loving guests. Hermit crabs roam the little rock-pools where children chase little fish by the coast while adding uniqueness to the sight of sea turtles swimming to 10-20 meters from our beach

Occasionally, peacocks walk the beach seeking food. At dusk, jackals, wild boar, mouse deer, langurs, mongoose and porcupines can be seen scuttling in the scrubland by the swimming pool.

When kayaking in our local lagoon, you likely will encounter large congregations of Starlings, Malabar Pied Hornbills, Godwits and Terns, and the ‘Baya Weaver’ male birds building demanding architectural masterpieces at their nesting colonies hidden amongst the mangroves is unmistakable.

Sooriya Resort and Spa is set within a terrain supporting nature and offers the opportunity to easily explore (a) the famous Rekawa Turtle Conservation activity, (b) a pristine natural lagoon to explore mangroves & marshy habitats and (c) miles of unrivalled, unspoiled golden beaches all to yourself. 

Sooriya Resort and Spa is 2.5 hours on the Expressway from Colombo, 15 minutes from Tangalle and located alongside the Rekawa Sanctuary, within the  charming rustic village of Rekawa.