One of the Most Serene & Rewarding Experiences Imaginable

Be it setting your eyes on nature’s splendor or spending a romantic holiday for two, the memories you make in Sri Lanka at Sooriya Resort and Spa, will stay with you, a lifetime. When you stay with us, you can satisfy your preference for adventure or leisure from a selection of excursions.

These include cycle tours to villages, a quiet dinner on the beach, visiting reputed tourist destinations as well as discovering the gifts of nature. Come, feed your curiosity of fauna, flora, religion or culture just by venturing not too far from our resort, located in the south of the island. Come, speak to us about your interests and we can help you find the ideal activity to peak your interests. There is so much to do and see, when in Rekawa, Sri Lanka!

Turtles at Rekawa

3.5 km / 15 min drive

Watch a miracle of nature as mother turtles lay their eggs in the soft sand, in the safety of the night. Come away appreciating conservation, nature and the laboring efforts of turtles and the humans who protect them.

The beauty of nature is everywhere in Rekawa, and not too far away from the resort. If you are lucky, it would be one of those days where Turtles turn up on the waters by the hotel. On occasions of turtle spotting on the shore within Rekawa at night, our guests would be informed where a quick tuk-tuk ride would take them to the location.

Yala Safari

Tour Duration - Half/One Day

Travel by jeep and spot leopards, elephants, deer, monkeys, reptiles and exotic birds at the Yala National Park. Keep your sun hat on and snap away on your camera to make colourful memoirs of your safari trip to Sri Lanka. A designated wildlife sanctuary, the park set in the southeast of the island, bordered by the ocean, contains scrubland, grasslands, light forests, lagoons and tanks. An area of 130,000 hectares of the nature reserve is open for tourists while the rest is a protected home for fauna and flora. Among birds a visitor may come across cormorants, mid-sized waders, waterfowls, pelicans and eagles. Water buffalo, sloth bear, fishing cat and toque macaques are a few of the other fauna making the park their home. Note: the park closes at 6 pm, so ensure that you plan your trip to exit the park on time.

Whale Watching

Tour Duration - Half/One Day

Take a boat-trip out into the Mirissa sea in search of the celebrated Blue Whale. Catch a glimpse of these beautiful mammals swimming in pods or rising to the surface of the big blue: a moment to cherish a lifetime. On your trip to Sri Lanka, you can watch blue whales during the period of November – April. And if lucky, you could also spot sperm whales, short finned whales, fin whales and Bryde´s whales as well as dolphins off the coast of Mirissa; not too far away from our hotel in Tangalle. Professional guided tours are available in Mirissa, where some provide breakfast, bottled water as well as tea and coffee. We recommend that you select a reputed service with life vests and first aid trained guides to ensure an enjoyable yet safe trip into the sea and back.

Udawalawe National Park

Tour Duration - Half/One Day

A heaven for nature lovers and a sanctuary for animals: set your sight on elephants, deer, water buffaloes, wild boar, crocodiles, birds and more as your jeep drives by marshes, rivers, grasslands and forests on a safari trip to the park. Our resort and spa in Tangalle, is located to south of Udawalawe National Park, a 119 square mile area dedicated to wildlife. Visiting this park is a most rewarding experience for any tourist to Sri Lanka. While the Walawe river and its tributaries run through the park, one would encounter grasslands, forests and marshy areas. Elephants gather at the reservoir at times and you may see the Sri Lankan leopard, the Asian civet cat, the Indian hare, water buffalo, Sri Lankan axis deer and the Sri Lankan Sambar deer if you are lucky. Occasional spotting of the sloth bear has been reported. From October to January and March to May there may be rainfall.

Kalamatiya Bird Sanctuary

Tour Duration - Half/One Day

Go in search of the blue tailed bee-eater or watch a lesser golden-backed woodpecker take flight. Grab your binoculars to spy on gull billed turns or follow tri-coloured munia as they jump around. Birdwatching adventures at Kalamatiya are assured! Declared a wildlife sanctuary in 1938, Kalamatiya Bird Sanctuary is probably one of the most unspoilt natural locals in Sri Lanka where gatherings of migratory birds are seen. Their temporary homes, the nature reserve’s mangrove swamps and salty lagoons, also provide shelter also reptiles and endemic birds. Entrance to the sanctuary is free, with boat rides having a fee. You can also arrive at the sanctuary in a catamaran, which is to be paid for. No guided tours are available onsite, unless you pre-arrange your trip with a tour agency. Please contact our front office (reception) for more information.

Sinharaja Forest Reserve

86 km / 2.00 hr drive

Visit a tropical forest during your stay at a hotel in Sri Lanka! Home to exotic birds, beautiful butterflies, tall trees, canopies, waterfalls, dense low vegetation, insects and other jungle fauna and flora, this biosphere reserve is a treasure indeed.

Governed by the Department of Forest Conservation, a biodiversity hotspot, a national park and a UNESCO World Heritage site, the Sinharaja Forest in Sri Lanka is the country’s last primary tropical rainforest. Important flora and fauna in the forest are considered protected.

Some of the birds you may see could include the Sri Lanka blue magpie, the Sri Lanka crested drongo, green-billed coucal, orange-billed babbler and the red-faced malkoha among many other birds including those endemic to the island country. There are also tree frogs, leeches as well as green pit vipers and hump-nosed vipers.

Ridiyagama Safari Park

44 km / 1.00 hr drive

A different take on ‘Things to do in Tangalle! Take a stroll experiencing a one-of-a-kind zoned park, viewing both carnivorous and herbivores animals. Lions, tigers and leopards in captivity are found right here.

Located a little north-east of Tangalle, this park aims to house more animals for display and has plans for international zones as well. Part of the complex has been opened for tourists. This 500 acre Safari Park was built at a cost of 1.6 billion Sri Lankan rupees. Animals are able to move freely in their respective sectors.

Hummanaya Blowhole

28 km / 45 min drive.

Hear the gushing sound of waters soaring to the surface as the blowhole leashes water with force. And as you watch in awe, capture the scene on video as a keepsake of the wonders of nature in Sri Lanka.

A familiar rumble to the residents of the area, the Hummanaya blow hole, the second largest blowhole in the world, located in Kudawella near Tangalle, blows every 10-15 minutes as the water pressure builds, during the ‘season’. The spray could rise up to 120 feet at times, on a rough sea day. You should visit the Hummanaya blowhole only at times when it is most active; check with our front office for the season’s most active periods or check online.

We recommend that you organize a trip to Hummanaya blowhole along with a trip to Tangalle, to make the most of the trip. A protected site which is accessed via steps, you will be charged an admission fee of LK 200 per person (this may have increased/changed from the time of updating this website). Ask our resort staff for more details.

Mulkirigala Temple

23 km / 40 min drive

Discover temples up ancient and modern steps at Mulkirigala. Remove shoes and explore caves hosting reclining rock-carved Buddha statues and old paintings. Reach the small mountain top and be greeted by a beautiful view and an ancient Buddhist pagoda.

Since the 6th century A.D, eight kings of Sri Lanka have contributed to and built the temple structures in this hidden gem, the Mulkirigala monastery. And it is said that the temple’s Bo-tree is a sapling off-shoot taken from the most revered ‘Jaya Sri Maha’ Bo Tree of Anuradhapura (which itself was taken from the bo-tree under which Lord Buddha attained enlightenment).

Ancient Buddhist paintings at the temple are of the Kandyan era, one of the Kingdoms that existed up until colonization by the British. Visitors can also see rock and cave inscriptions. Note: the total trip to and from the temple would take approximately half a day or just over.

The Dutch Fort (Galle)

70 km / 1.50 hr drive

Walk around exploring this UNESCO-protected building in Galle, where paved and narrow streets, old churches, shops, exotic cuisine, panoramic sea views and café culture, blend. We guarantee a trip to remember!

A visit to the southern coast of Sri Lanka is not complete without visiting this colonial heritage of Sri Lanka. Located at the extreme southwest of the country, the fort was built by the Portuguese, and improved by the Dutch and the British and used as a key location for governing the south of the island by all three colonists. It still holds the old architecture which now blends in with modern ways of life.

A multi ethnic, multi religious little destination by itself, you will come across souvenir shops, cafes and restaurants within. Churches, museums, a lighthouse, old bastions, little paved streets and massive trees can be seen by a visitor. Note that nightlife comes to a halt after approximately 9.30 pm within the fort.

Mirissa Water Sports

58 km / 1.45 hr drive

View corals teeming with reef fish off the coast of Mirissa. Explore the shoreline by sea kayak and enjoy a picnic on the beach. Then take a coastal or bay cruise and swim in the blue ocean. It’s water sports galore in Mirissa!

Snorkeling is also available for those who wish to see the wonders beneath the surface. Bring your own gear or hire from sporting schools or hiring services in the area. Mirissa is the largest fishing port in Sri Lanka so keep an eye out for boats.

Dining on Beach

In walking distance

Considering a romantic meal or a peaceful feast by the beach? Sooriya Resort and Spa will set up an unforgettable evening at the perfect spot on the Rekawa beach, where you can set eyes on the setting sun and enjoy a candle lit dinner..

You may be visiting Sri Lanka for your honeymoon, a romantic getaway or to rekindle that flame with your loved one, and we at Sooriya Resorts and Spa are here to help you. Just let our hotel management or front office (or reception) know of your private dining requirement, prior to arrival or once at the resort, and we shall cater to your request. A table will be set with candle light, in the midst of oil burning torches with a delicious meal, on a private beach area just a stroll away from the resort, on the Rekawa beach famous for its turtles.

In and Around Rekawa

3.5 - 5.0 km / 10 - 12 min drive

Rekawa is a destination itself! Found off the beaten path, wildlife, the natural environment and pleasant little surprises await in this calm corner of southern Sri Lanka. If you are holidaying at our resort with no activities planned or have exhausted all your adventurous destinations on your list, Rekawa will keep your spirits high.

Here are a few: Deep sea fishing trips if you love fishing and like venturing out into the ocean. A cycle trip around town on a journey of discovery, riding amidst nature and a village setting. A visit to the Rekawa lagoon to spot the local wildlife.

Botanical Garden - Mirijjawila

37 km / 1.00 hr drive

Take in the dry-zone landscape as you study the flora and improve your knowledge of tropical plants. Explore and contribute to the preservation of local herbs and promotion of botanical knowledge.

The Mirijjawila Botanical Garden was developed in the year 2006 and is one of Sri Lanka’s five botanical gardens. Created to promote floriculture, eco-tourism and medicinal herbs, it is on its way to blooming into a beautifully landscape destination.

We recommend that our guests visit this botanical garden in the south of Sri Lanka, in the morning or the late afternoon, so as to keep away from the harsh sun. The garden is operated by the Department of National Botanic Gardens, Sri Lanka. Car parking is available.

Surfing in Tangalle

10 km / 20 min drive

Head down to the Tangalle beach to ride the waves in Sri Lanka. Suitable for both novices and intermediates, the surf location is known for its right-hand point break, the reefs underneath and the low power, low frequency waves.

Show off your skills as you enjoy the surf in Tangalle, located a short 5km trip away from the Sooriya Resort and Spa. Inquire from the reception on the best ways to travel to the public beach where surfing takes place. Note there are rocks and urchins in the area.

Swim in a Small Bay

In walking distance

Dreaming of swimming in the sea, away from touristy shorelines? Wanting to take a dip and tread the water in your own personal ‘little corner’ of Tangalle? How about having fun in the sun while splashing a bit of water on a friend?

Swimming in the tropical sea can be a memorable event. The warm waters of the Indian ocean set under the sunny sky can be so welcoming, that you may prefer to laze in the sea for a while. Our ‘small secluded bay’ can be organized just for you; all you need to do is inquire from the reception.

Peacocks on the Beach

In walking distance

Graceful and colourful, peacocks on the beach is a scenery found only in a few countries around the world. Just wake up at dawn and step outside to see them in their splendor in the hotel grounds or visit the beach a little distance away to watch them on the sands.

The south of Sri Lanka is home to peacocks and they have been roaming the beach area for many years. Finding peacocks on a beach would be quite uncommon, you would say. But Rekawa Beach is quite often a hangout of these magnificent birds. And if you walk around the hotel in the evening, you may even spot a bird or two taking it easy before sun down.